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Job levels

Level 1: Administrative jobs

Equivalent to civil service administrative assistant and administrative officer grades.

People at this level are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of our offices and supporting our teams and working environment so they run like clockwork. You'll be responsible for looking after all the basic, day-to-day administrative support, ensuring incoming/outgoing mail is sorted, telephone queries are handled courteously, writing letters and emails to our customers and ensure safe and secure storage of all our paper-based and electronic files, systems, records, materials, equipment and stationary. You may be maintaining and updating databases, tracking and recording casework, working with financial data, handling invoices, keeping simple accounts, and generally ensuring that office and team-based systems are accurate and up to date.

You'll also be expected to build your knowledge of your team's specialisation and develop practical skills that will enable you to be the first point of contact and make decisions about how to respond or escalate correspondence, licensing or grant applications and contribute to effective and efficient management of ongoing casework.

Although no formal qualifications are required, you will need good basic computing skills with the ability to produce document in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You'll also need to be able to work quickly and accurately with words and numbers and demonstrate a good fit against our capability profile.

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Level 2: Executive officer jobs

Equivalent to civil service executive officer grade.

People at this level are expected to be proficient in managing end to end business processes and ensure all stages, activities and tasks involved are carried out and delivered to very high standards.

Monitoring, controlling and checking workflows in and out of these business processes is key, so your ability to supervise the work of other colleagues is also important to ensure success at this level. Therefore, previous experience of managing and developing people at a junior manager or team leader level is a key requirement.

You will have previous experience of working quickly and accurately to manage processes involving a degree of legal and regulatory compliance to internal and external stakeholder satisfaction.

It is also essential that you can demonstrate your ability to quickly learn and build technical proficiency in these roles, which we will test during our recruitment day. Basic skills in programme and project management are desirable.

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Level 3: Team manager/Specialist jobs

Equivalent to civil service higher executive officer and senior executive officer grades.

People at this level are usually responsible for a whole function or a very large team or you could be taking lead responsibility for a stand-alone role as a technical specialist.

Managers/specialists will usually have developed and built their knowledge, skills and expertise over a number of years and roles/organisations. They are often a source of reference for internal/external colleagues and stakeholders and known and respected for their ability to apply their expertise successfully.

They are therefore knowledgeable, trusted, confident and approachable.

Naturally, your ability to organise and manage people, activities and resources to deliver work objectives and achieve targets will be well developed, either as a functional team manager or a technical specialist.

Your ability to understand, interpret and contribute to our strategic direction, influence wider issues affecting the marine area and anticipate, respond and plan for changes taking place in the external environment will be particularly advantageous.

Skills in the use and application of programme and project management tools and processes are also required.

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Level 4: Senior manager/Specialist jobs

Equivalents to civil service grade 7 and grade 6 grades.

People at this level are often responsible for managing a whole business unit and the teams within in it, or they will be a first class technical expert or specialist in their subject matter expertise.

All roles at this level are members of our Senior Leadership Team and you will therefore have a significant impact on the strategic development, direction, performance and delivery of our mission and objectives.

Senior people at this level are at the forefront of developments in their area of responsibility, whether that's as a professional manager in finance, IT, communications or HR or as a technical expert in one or more areas of our marine expertise. You will also be able to bring your highly developed programme and project management skills to these roles.

Candidates for these roles will be able to demonstrate a successful track in leading a similar business unit or function and demonstrate the leadership capabilities which underpin your success.

Your ability to lead and influence other people in government and external organisations will be well developed, as will your capability to anticipate, assess and address complex business drivers (political, economic, social, technological, regulatory and environmental) which impact on our delivery landscape, customers and stakeholders.

In specialist roles at this level, candidates will have attained Masters level university accreditation in a science or engineering related field, together with significant experience of applying their subject matter expertise in a commercial or public sector environment, with tangible evidence of results achieved.

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