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Apply for a marine licence

Disclaimer: For reasons of public health and protection of the environment tacit authorisation does not apply to this licence application process.

You can apply for a marine licence on the online application system. Where appropriate, marine licences can:

  • cover multiple sites or activities
  • be issued for several years at a time, such as for the life of a project
  • be varied and extended
  • be issued to enable activities to be carried out with a degree of flexibility

Navigational dredging applications: information requirements and accelerated procedure

The MMO’s online application system is currently being updated to include additional supporting information requirements that the MMO will need to properly assess applications for navigational dredging activities. While the system is under development, the MMO requires applicants to include some additional dredging information through the existing online application.

The additional information required should be uploaded to the supporting information section of the online application. Please note that dredging applications that do not include all the necessary information or do not include copies of relevant documents may be rejected.

Read more about the additional information required for navigational dredging applications.


Payments must be made once the tier allocated to your application is confirmed by a Marine Case Manager. This applies to tier 1 and tier 2 licences.

Bespoke projects (tier 3) are sufficiently variable in nature to be difficult to apply a fixed fee so you will be invoiced the actual processing cost. Invoices will be issued each quarter as the application is processed, with a final invoice of all outstanding costs issued when the case is complete. You must pay all invoices within 28 days of the date of issue.

We now accept online debit and credit card payments.

More information on How to make a payment.

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