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Application forms

VMS 1: Notes for guidance (PDF 68 KB)
These guidance notes are intended to assist fishing vessel masters, owners and their representatives with the installation and use of UK Government approved satellite-tracking devices in accordance with Commission Regulation 2244/2003.

VMS 2: Satellite-tracking device registration (PDF 136 KB)
To be completed by the applicant in the event of:

  • a change of the vessel's port of administration
  • a change of vessel ownership
  • the proposed replacement of satellite-tracking device
  • transferring a position reporting account
  • closure of a position reporting account with the current satellite communications service provided
  • opening of a new position reporting account with a satellite communications service provider (such as Xantic, Stratos).

and returned to the appropriate UK fisheries monitoring centre before installation and on-board terminal activation.

VMS 3: Satellite-tracking device registration and grant aid application (PDF 177 KB)
This form should only be completed if you wish to apply for a grant-aided satellite tracking device. If you do not want to apply or are not eligible for a grant-aided satellite tracking device, please complete form VMS 2.

VMS 4a: Satellite-tracking device release (PDF 128 KB)
This form is intended for use by the manufacturer of the satellite-tracking device to inform the appropriate UK fisheries department of a terminal being released to a vessel owner or their agent.

VMS 4b: Grant aided tracking device installation and activation form (PDF 161 KB)
This form is to be used to confirm that installation of the appropriate device has taken place and is functioning effectively. This form is to be completed by the installation engineer upon device installation and activation (having confirmed with the UK fisheries monitoring centre that the device is transmitting reports).

VMS 5: UK fishing boats satellite tracking device specification (PDF 87 KB)
This specification is intended to assist UK fishing vessel masters, owners and their representatives in ensuring that the satellite tracking device used on board their vessels for satellite monitoring is in accordance with the requirements laid out in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 404/2011 of 8 April 2011 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009.

Contact information

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Tel: 0191 376 2500
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Help with documents

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